Getting married? Congratulations! We would love to capture your special day and be a part of the experience.

Tamara, How do we even begin to thank you enough for all the beautiful photos! We are so so so in love with all of them. Looking through them is like reliving that magical day over and over and I will cherish those memories forever! Thank you thank you thank you! – Heather and Cody

Did you say you hate posing for photos? No worries, we’re all about the candid shots anyways! 🙂
  • We take a more photojournalistic approach to events instead of staging shots, that way focusing on capturing the emotion of the event.
  • We always bring two photographers to the event, making sure we capture every important moment.
  • We don’t set a limit on the amount of photos, and our package is for the entire day (10 hours of coverage)
  • What we pride ourselves most on is that we do a very quick turnaround for photos (and video) after the event. Many wedding photographers take months to deliver photographs and we’re here to make a difference. We will give you up to 15 photos in less than 24 hours, and the rest of the gallery in 30-60 days!
  • Engagement session free with booking a wedding package!

We are so in love with the photos!! Thank you for the amazing work you do. We feel very lucky to have you as our wedding photographer!

– Bailey and Christian

We have noticed that a lot of people are not sure about hiring a wedding filmmaker, and we would like to convince you why you should:
    • It’s not going to be cheesy. Seriously, the filming techniques have progressed so much and wedding videos are no longer 2 hours long that only your parents want to watch.
    • We take a photojournalistic approach and it’s all about capturing the emotion (every single one of our brides cried after watching their video!)
    • There are a few different options when it comes to video: we can do a short 5 min recap, or a 10-15 min one, or both. The best part of it is that you get the shorter edit in less than a week! Check out some examples below.
  • You will probably regret afterwards if you opt out. It’s your special day and you will cherish every memory from it, especially if it’s on the screen and you can play it over and over again. We honestly put our hearts and souls in these videos, we are there to experience your special day with you, and you can always see that in the end product.

The video is perfect! Thank you so much, everyone loves it and it’s been playing pretty much on non stop repeat all morning.

– Katie and Nick


Claire & Easton | Highlights Video
Caroline & Zak | Highlights Video