Mountainboard Boardercross World Championship | Serbia 2016

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I first encountered mountainboarding in Snowmass, as an activity offered by Snowmass Kids’ Camp. Unfortunately, once you’re past the age 15, it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone enjoying this sport on our mountains. That’s why it was even more interesting … Read More

Highlands Closing Party | Madhouse at the Alehouse

Exactly as the title says, the Highlands closing party was off the hook once again, as expected. Great tunes by Aspen DJs to dance the season away! Until next year, Highlands!

Bacon Day 2016 | Buttermilk Closing

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Buttermilk closes with a bang with yet another annual Bacon Day. From bacon waffles to chocolate covered bacon alcoholic drinks and a bacon rail jam – no wait, that was a snowboard rail jam – this event has it all. … Read More

Fly Fishing with Aspen Outfitting Co.

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I don’t know much about fishing, but I do know that scenery surrounding our gold medal waters is astonishing! Here’s some photos from a day of fly fishing with Aspen Outfitting Co. on the Roaring Fork, and check out their … Read More

Hiking up Waterfalls | Basalt’s Seven Castles

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UPDATE: please do not park or walk through the yards of the people who live at the base of the hike. Be respectful so we can all enjoy this beautiful place! A couple years ago I came across the Seven … Read More

Aspen to Leadville | First Signs of Snow

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I woke up on the morning of September 15th after a cold rainy night. Convinced that it must have snowed that night up high, we set off towards Independence Pass to take some photos of the first snow. Unfortunately, we … Read More

Mushroom Rock | Views of Sopris

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I want to start off by saying how badass all of my girlfriends are. No, seriously. You would think I’m always hiding behind the camera, but the truth is you never see photos of me because I can’t do half … Read More

Downhill Biking | Snowmass

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Last week I tried downhill biking for the first time. I lived through the day without any injuries, and I sure was pretty close to flying out of multiple switchbacks. While I am an absolute beginner, my friend David Friedlander … Read More

Capitol Lake Hike | 12.8 Miles Of Wonderful

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On a beautiful Saturday morning a group of four girls looking for an adventure set out for a 12.8 mile hike to Capitol Lake. This hike is very popular with backpackers looking to summit one of Colorado’s most difficult fourteeners, … Read More

Rim Trail | Wildflowers Everywhere

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Rim trail might be one of the most popular hikes in Snowmass for the locals. It’s short, accessible, and people run it, bike it or hike it on a daily basis. But because it’s so popular, I feel like not … Read More

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