Mountainboard Boardercross World Championship | Serbia 2016

Mountainboard Boardercross World Championship | Serbia 2016

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I first encountered mountainboarding in Snowmass, as an activity offered by Snowmass Kids’ Camp. Unfortunately, once you’re past the age 15, it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone enjoying this sport on our mountains. That’s why it was even more interesting for me to learn that the World Championship in mountainboarding happens every year in my home country – Serbia, where I’m quite sure most of the population has never heard of this sport!

IMG_6723As I happened to be in Serbia during this event, I had to go check it out, and it turns out Bukovac Bike Park is only an hour away from where I grew up. I have to say that I’m amazed with what they’ve done there and if I still lived in Serbia I know I’d be hanging out in Bukovac often 🙂


Out of the three days of the event, I only went on the day of qualifying races. The trail is 700 meters long, and I’ve heard from the competitors that it’s quite steep!

Check out some pics I got to snap during the event –


IMG_6731 IMG_6734 IMG_6738 IMG_6749 IMG_6762 IMG_6775 IMG_6779 IMG_6781 IMG_6786 IMG_6789 IMG_6793 IMG_6799 IMG_6804 IMG_6810 IMG_6815 IMG_6827 IMG_6830 IMG_6833 IMG_6836

IMG_6631 IMG_6638 IMG_6643 IMG_6654 IMG_6656 IMG_6672 IMG_6674 IMG_6689 IMG_6694 IMG_6700 IMG_6708 IMG_6718  IMG_6614 IMG_6606 IMG_6604 IMG_6603 IMG_6593 IMG_6575 IMG_6553 IMG_6538 IMG_6532 IMG_6528 IMG_6516 IMG_6515 IMG_6511 IMG_6509 IMG_6497 IMG_6494 IMG_6482 IMG_6473 IMG_6467 IMG_6462 IMG_6461 IMG_6430

IMG_6421IMG_6419 IMG_6423

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  1. Hosting

    Mountainboards for the competition must not use brakes, an engine or any stuff like that. The maximum wheel size is 8 inch.

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