Roxy & Austin | At The Grottos

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The Independence Pass opened last week so we took the opportunity to snap some photos with Roxy and Austin (and Crux) at The Grottos with still some snow on the ground. It was the first time that I got to see the Ice Caves with ice in them! 🙂

Austin was set on doing some bouldering as well and the fact that he was dressed all nicely for a photoshoot did not stop him!

IMG_6964 IMG_6993 IMG_7009 IMG_7139 IMG_7150 IMG_7205 IMG_7209 IMG_7229 IMG_7241 IMG_7277-Edit IMG_7310-Edit IMG_7359 IMG_7397 IMG_7423 IMG_7458 IMG_7462 IMG_7483 IMG_7493

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