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Last month I got to attend a wedding as a guest and not a photographer for pretty much the first time. One of my best friends from high school was getting married, and with the help of a few other friends I managed to keep my trip to Serbia a surprise for the bride. This trip brought the saying “collect memories not things” to a completely new level!

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Having all the experience attending weddings as a photographer, I was not prepared for the surge of emotions once I saw a close friend walk into the room in her wedding dress for the first time! And as much as I tried to just be there in the moment, I could not help but snap a few photos as well.

IMG_0637IMG_0979 copy

I tried to be as respectful as I could to the photographers that were contracted to be there, as I always expect from the guests with cameras at the weddings that I film. Nothing more annoying than a guest getting in the photographer’s way 🙂 All the photos you see here were taken with a 50mm lens and no flash.

IMG_0654 copy

IMG_0714IMG_0943 copyIMG_0957 IMG_1205 IMG_1246 IMG_1285 IMG_1362 IMG_1394 copy

And here’s me with the crew, so happy I got to spend such a special day with them!

This photo by ARTX Studio, they did such a beautiful job at capturing the day, make sure to check out their work!

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  1. Dejan Videnovic

    OdliÄŤne fotografije … Baš komentarišem sa kolegom … Najbolje nastaju kad se rade bez opterećenja obavezama.

  2. Dejan Videnovic

    BTW … Hvala za preporuku

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