Mushroom Rock | Views of Sopris

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I want to start off by saying how badass all of my girlfriends are. No, seriously. You would think I’m always hiding behind the camera, but the truth is you never see photos of me because I can’t do half of the things these girls can. With that said, I’m proud of the selection of models I have; without these girls doing handstands everywhere and anywhere my photos wouldn’t be half as good!

Eme doing a handstand at Mushroom Rock

This time, I set out on a short but sweet hike to Mushroom Rock with my friend from Chicago, Eme. You might know Eme as the author of the books Pilates Expanded (and if you don’t know by now, make sure to check out her work).

After hiking high up in the mountains all summer, going just half an hour downvalley felt like being somewhere in the middle of Arizona desert. Juniper trees, cactuses and red rocks were everything that was surrounding us on this hike, reminding us that we do live in high desert.

Cactuses and red soil everywhere
Juniper berry

Lately our sky has been covered with smoke from Californian forest fires, which at first didn’t make me too optimistic about how the photos would turn out, but it ended up giving them a dreamy effect, fine with me!

Hazy looking sky due to California forest fires

Everywhere along the hike was a good spot to turn off the trail and take a photo. Gorgeous red cliffs overlooking Carbondale are not a rarity around here.

IMG_0944 IMG_0950 IMG_0957 IMG_0982IMG_0959-Edit And the famous Mushroom Rock:IMG_1003IMG_1007-2 IMG_1014-2 Ok, here it is, for the first time a photo of myself (Thanks Eme!). You won’t see me doing handstands anytime soon but I think this is good enough to start with 🙂 IMG_1103

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