Capitol Lake Hike | 12.8 Miles Of Wonderful

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On a beautiful Saturday morning a group of four girls looking for an adventure set out for a 12.8 mile hike to Capitol Lake. This hike is very popular with backpackers looking to summit one of Colorado’s most difficult fourteeners, Capitol Peak (14,131ft), but we decided to make it a day trip to the lake, and leave the summit for another time. IMG_0491

The view from the parking lot, Capitol looking beautiful in the distance.


After a 600ft descent into the valley in the first half mile, we waded through Capitol creek to get to the other side of the trail. On the way back we found a sign for the trail thrown in the grass and pointed in the direction of a bridge. For the record, I did put it back in the place for other people not to get confused, here’s a proof: 🙂 IMG_1223

Left for the bridge, right if you want to get your feet wet like we did 🙂


The trail goes through beautiful aspen groves, meadows, spruce-fir forests and a lot of cow poop.


A couple miles in we had our first animal encounter:


Quickly to realize there was nothing to be afraid of 🙂


Sara got a bit too excited and started chasing cows around…



Zoe even spotted a four leaf clover!

IMG_0557 IMG_0559 IMG_0567

Capitol Peak is famous for its hard summit, the ridge called Knife’s Edge.


Plenty of obstacles on the trail.

IMG_0572 IMG_0575 IMG_0584 IMG_0598 IMG_0607 IMG_0615 IMG_0619-2 IMG_0627 IMG_0630 IMG_0639 IMG_0647 IMG_0648 IMG_0651 IMG_0659 IMG_0690

Yoga sessions with the view

IMG_0696 IMG_0699

We encountered the crew from the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative working on the trail. Big thanks to them for all of their hard work!

IMG_0704 IMG_0711-2 IMG_0726-Pano IMG_0735

A lot of marmots to be found on this trail. We also saw a pika and a weasel!


Stunning views of Capitol Peak rising over the lake

IMG_0768-3 IMG_0784-Pano IMG_0800-Edit-2 IMG_0851-2

The ladies crew


Zoe went for a swim in the freezing cold Capitol lake


The way back was as spectacular as hiking in


Wildflowers everywhere!

IMG_1197 IMG_1204 IMG_1208 IMG_1211

BTW, they have to clarify this incident/encounter sign. Was it an incident or an encounter? Makes a big difference.

IMG_1213 IMG_1215 IMG_1220Forever obsessed with aspen trees. I can never get enough photos.

For more information about this trail and how to get there, check out the links below:

Hiking Walking – Capitol Lake

USDA: Capitol Creek Trail #1961


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