Tuesday Cruiseday | June Highlights

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A couple years ago, when we lived at Marolt Ranch, we’d hear huge crowds passing by our building every Tuesday afternoon. They were on the bikes, some of them had speakers blasting music out loud and most had beers in their hands. By the time we figured out this party had a title Tuesday Cruiseday, the winter already rolled in and we never had the chance to join in.

Now that we’re finally back in Aspen for the summer, we decided that Tuesday Cruiseday is a must. What I remember as 20-30 people loudly riding by Marolt, now seems to be a crowd of well over 200 every week taking over the streets of Aspen.

June was the first month we joined the party. We sure have it on our schedule every Tuesday this summer.


June 16th, our first time to join Tuesday Cruiseday:

IMG_5631 IMG_5640June 23rdIMG_7226 IMG_7248 IMG_7254 IMG_7273 IMG_7278 IMG_7287 IMG_7300

June 30th

IMG_7896 IMG_7898 IMG_7908 IMG_7914 IMG_7924-Edit IMG_7931

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