The Lindley Hut | Venturing into the backcountry

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Just outside of Ashcroft, and about an hour and a half of skinning up Castle creek valley, lies the Lindley hut, where we got to spend two days enjoying its beauty and celebrating Brady’s birthday and Summer’s and Jeff’s engagement. Somebody is missing in these photos, but we’re going to keep that a secret 😉
Thanks Colter for snapping some photos as well!10402985_669689869806832_3482526539246735941_n 10404267_669689446473541_4826288572420888681_n 10570303_669689783140174_1900830983770575768_n 10660189_669689403140212_5228566081360642300_n 10806497_669689379806881_6352085406170554130_n 10915326_669689419806877_6619723861993930225_n 10923323_669689793140173_4293267091120753600_n lindley hut

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